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Support for developing newly founded GALAG

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Title of the proposed project Support for developing newly founded GALAG
Brief summary of the project idea

Georgian Association of Local Action Groups (GALAG) which is founded by 8 LAG’s currently operating in Georgia,  was officialy registered on the 1st of August, 2018. GALAG  is a network that  will be a conduit for information exchange and learning across the country and will act as an advocate for community-led local development with key state and non-state actors, also GALAG will concentrate on policy work, lobbying, developing relations on national and international level.LEADER networks are established all over the Europe, but in Georgia LEADER methodology was firstly introduced in 2015-2017 in 3 out of 59 municipalities of our country. Now implementation of the ENPARD programme covers 8muncipalities.

Topics/ keywords of the project Lobbying, advocacy, capacity building, developing relations, implementing projects
Initial position / background / local context of the proposed project / the starting situation or local context in which the projects is going to operate

In Georgia there’s no such National Rural Network and then this kind of activities could be done by GALAG, which is relatively new in our country and it needs support from other EU countries and sharing their experience, how they started at the initial phase, how GALAG should start lobbying and advocacy planning activities, defend interests of LAG’s and rural stakeholders, etc.
So, we are ready to work with EU national networks and built some connections.

Proposed objectives / target group and activities

1.Exchanging experiences and practices among project partners 2. Rising educational level in advocacy and lobbying of GALAG representatives 3. Sharing now-how between LEADER countries.
Project activities:
1.Qualifying GALAG members in advocating and lobbying practice 2. Holding sessions in order to share local experiences of European countries 3. Starting dynamic actions for developing tight relations within LEADER members 4. Planning workshop course in capacity building for GALAG members.
Target groups: GALAG

Country and /or kind of partner you are looking for (ALL EU in case the interest is on any EU country) ALL EU
Languages spoken by the LAG staff English, Russian
Member State Georgia
Contact name Maka Gongadze, Tiko Chulukhadze
Tel. +995 599 201555
LAG Address



This conference was held from 26-28 September at the Évora Hotel, located in the historic city of Évora.