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Stimulating local actors for sustainable development

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Title of the proposed project Stimulating local actors for sustainable development
Brief summary of the project idea LAG Podu Inalt Vaslui is a territory located in the East of Romania with an area of 1087.68 sq km and a number of 53629 inhabitants. Local LAG Development Strategy finances projects in both agricultural and non-agricultural fields. The idea of the cooperation project involves identifying the optimal directions of development of farmers / entrepreneurs, adapted to the local context, to increase their economic stability.
Topics/ keywords of the project Agriculture & Farming; Business; Marketing; Producer organisations; Entrepreneurs; Farmers. 
Initial position / background / local context of the proposed project / the starting situation or local context in which the projects is going to operate

At national level, Romania faces massive emigration of the population, especially of young people. This problem can be identified most easily at local level, in the villages. There are fewer and fewer young people settling / working in rural areas. Territories are currently facing a lack of both qualified and unskilled workforce. LAG Podu Inalt Vaslui has financed both agricultural and non-agricultural business. Now is the time to stimulate local actors for them to develop their businesses and create new opportunities.

Business development in the rural area is a point of support for young people from the villages through the opportunities created: well-paid jobs, quality local services and products.

Proposed objectives / target group and activities

- Increasing competitiveness for three enterprises in the LAG territory

Target group:
- consists of development potential enterprises operating in the agricultural or non-agricultural field in the LAG territory

- identification of three enterprises from the LAG High Territory to join the target group
- identification of enterprises with similar activity within the cooperation partners
- analysis of development directions
- identification of financing opportunities for investments
- establishing working relationships with other actors in the LAG territory
- identifying and establishing relationships with potential clients
- liaising with similar businesses or clients from other LAG territories

Country and /or kind of partner you are looking for (ALL EU in case the interest is on any EU country) ALL EU
Languages spoken by the LAG staff English, Romanian
Member State Romania
Region 1 North-East
LAG Name LAG Podu Inalt Vaslui
Contact name Aparaschivei Andrei
Tel. 0040784293437
LAG Address

Vaslui County
Muntenii de Jos
Village: Bacaoani, nr. 170



This conference was held from 26-28 September at the Évora Hotel, located in the historic city of Évora.