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Rural Youth, Cultural, Music and Heritage Festival

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Title of the proposed project Rural Youth, Cultural, Music and Heritage Festival
Brief summary of the project idea

IRD Duhallow is looking for partners who wish to engage in a vibrant transnational cooperation project. We are particularly interested in a cultural youth exchange with a strong focus on music and heritage.
This project aims to encourage and develop strong cultural links between participants and the wider local community by celebrating traditional music, dance and folklore.
We are open to learn about our partner's unique and innovative ideas.

Topics/ keywords of the project Music, Culture, Heritage, Youth, Rural
Country and /or kind of partner you are looking for (ALL EU in case the interest is on any EU country) ALL EU
Languages spoken by the LAG staff English
Member State Ireland
LAG Name IRD Duhallow
Contact name Louise Burke
Tel. 003532960633
LAG Address

James O’Keeffe Institute
Co. Cork


This conference was held from 26-28 September at the Évora Hotel, located in the historic city of Évora.