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Restaurante Dona Laura

Project promoter & a little bit of background

CATAPLANA D'EMOÇÕES, Lda, was born from the initiative of the Chef Joaquim de Almeida and his passion for gastronomy. With his wife Laura da Silva Almeida, they decided to diversify their gastronomic offer, adjusting it to an external market and to the dynamics of tourism in the city of Évora.


After having successfully achieved the status of a landmark restaurant in Évora, the project promoter decided to open a new space located in the historic center, "Dona Laura". It serves small meals (snacks) and sells wine besides traditional products such as cooked cold meat, cheeses, among others. It also holds cooking workshops and gastronomy and wine related events. The opening times (between 3pm and 7pm and after 10pm) are, on purpose, different from the remnant restaurants in Évora.

CATAPLANA D'EMOÇÕES, Lda applied to LEADER/CLLD Measure – Sistema de Incentivos ao Empreendedorismo e ao Emprego (SI2E) for the adaptation and equipment of a new catering area, comprising also the creation of 5 jobs. The project investment was €99,276 with an ERDF support of €39,890.34.

In 2016 the company made about €452,000 and counted 8 full-time employees, including the current 2 managing partners.


Évora City Center | Rua dos Penedos



This conference was held from 26-28 September at the Évora Hotel, located in the historic city of Évora.