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Josefine Loriz-Hoffmann

Josefine Loriz-Hoffmann has a background of agronomist. She joined the Commission Services in 1989. From 2005 on, she worked as Head of the Unit in the Rural Development Policy area of DG Agriculture and Rural Development, first on the implementation of Rural Development Programmes and since 2007 on the conception and consistency of the policy. Since July 2014 she is the Director of Directorate F – Rural Development Programmes II. The Directorate is responsible for the conception and coordination of the Rural Development Policy, for Financial Instruments and for the approval and management of 56 Rural Development Programmes of 12 Member States.

Josefine Loriz-Hoffmann was panelist at the plenary session


This conference was held from 26-28 September at the Évora Hotel, located in the historic city of Évora.