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Four Seasons Derby - food tourism in rural area

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Title of the proposed project Four Seasons Derby - food tourism in rural area
Brief summary of the project idea

The objective of Four Seasons Derby - food tourism in rural area - project is to promote both local and international food tourism in the areas of participating LAGs. This transnational project brings food tourism opportunities close to local people and spreads European food culture traditions beyond national borders. The project enables the partners to exchange the best practices and discuss about event planning as a tool to promote food tourism. As a result, culinary events will propose a new approach to tourism.
The idea of the project is to help rural areas to increase their touristic potential, but also to help local producers to promote their produce and to exchange know-how with other stakeholders.

Topics/ keywords of the project Food tourism, Food culture traditions
Initial position / background / local context of the proposed project / the starting situation or local context in which the projects is going to operate

LAG Napoca Porolissum has experience in the managament of local development. It has implemented 4 other TNC projects.
The idea to be part of this project came from exchange of best practices with the parteners.

Proposed objectives / target group and activities

1.Exchanging good practices and techniques among project partners.
2.Promote the touristic potential of the network’s partners at an international level
3.Utilize event planning as a tool for promoting food tourism.
4.The exchange of know-how between stakeholders
1.Identifying the local stakeholders
2.Organizing the meetings with the project partners
3.Creating the promoting materials: a website of the project, a Facebook page.
4.Attending the food festival in Finland with the local stakeholders
5.Organizing a food festival in Romania, in the LAG area
6.Creating a common product: a toolbox of good-practices for this kind of events/festivals and a video
7.Evaluation of the first year festivals
8.Creating a common toolbox for event planning

Country and /or kind of partner you are looking for (ALL EU in case the interest is on any EU country) ALL EU
Languages spoken by the LAG staff English
Member State ROMANIA
Tel. 040740061839
LAG Address

Gilau, Principala Street, No. 55A, Cluj, Romania




This conference was held from 26-28 September at the Évora Hotel, located in the historic city of Évora.