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FitaPreta - Vinhos

Project promoter & a little bit of background

A 23 year old winemaker Portuguese winemaker, António Maçanita, and a resident English Viticulturist consultant, David Booth, met in early 2004. Over the next few months António was learning viticulture with David and a close friendship developed. Next step doing some wine, first wine, first success, with Trophy Alentejo Award by International Wine Challenge, given the second time in 22 years of competition. Today Sandra Sárria is the locomotive behind FitaPreta, assuming the position of Director of Production and managing a permanent team of 7. She started her story with the group as a wine trainee in WineID consultancy in 2007, joining then FitaPreta in 2008 and becoming partner since 2015. Fitapreta is a company that produces 23 types of wines that reflect the character of Alentejo. 


FitaPreta applied to LEADER+ for the aqusition of equipment (french oak barrels) involving an €30,000 investment, receiving up to 50% support. Their second application was the developing a promotion plan and branding and the investment amounted to €64,410 with a support of 40%.

Currently, FitaPreta applied for the CLLD/LEADER Measure a project aiming for an improved wine quality, including a bigger storage capacity, producing more quality wine with more added value. 

The investment amounted to €132,432.19 and benefited from €59,591.49 public support (EAFRD+National). 

In 2016 the company generated €1,188,000 in sales and employed 15 full-time workers, including the 2 managing partners.


Paço do Morgado de Oliveira – Estrada da Igrejinha (about 12 km from the city center of Évora)




This conference was held from 26-28 September at the Évora Hotel, located in the historic city of Évora.