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Evora Inn Chiado Design

Project promoter & a little bit of background

Tartaruga Cor-de-Rosa. Lda | The guest house Evora Inn (classified as a Local Accommodation) opened its doors in March 2011, with a taste for a combination of heritage, art and design. The building standing in the historical center is also known for being the place where the Republic was implemented in Évora (1910).


Tartaruga Cor-de-Rosa. Lda applied to the LEADER/CLLD Measure – Sistema de Incentivos ao Empreendedorismo e ao Emprego (SI2E), with the purpose to restore and modernize the guest house, maintaining 8 rooms and creating 1 apartment on the top floor. The application included the complete remodelling of 2 guest rooms and the top floor room, the instalment of a jacuzzi on the private balcony, kitchen appliances – fridge, stove and microwave in the apartment, etc. It also allowed to create a job position.

The investment amounted to €38,870 and benefited from €15,548 public support (ERDFl). 

In 2016 the company generated €135,972 euros in sales and employed 3 full-time workers, including the 2 managing partners.


Évora City Center| Avenida da República



This conference was held from 26-28 September at the Évora Hotel, located in the historic city of Évora.