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Title of the proposed project "EnportBeta"
Brief summary of the project idea

“EnportBeta” is a transnational cooperation project meant to integrate several organization from different European countries with the purpose of establishing and using a framework that will lead to a more efficient development of rural tourism.
The framework will consist in creating a product obtained through collaborative (common) product development that will increase the capacity building of the organizations involved in the project.
The goal of the project is to provide an integrated approach in managing am promoting tourist resources among project partner and in order to do so we will want to focus on these activities.

Topics/ keywords of the project Outdoor Experience,Downhill,The Green Tourist, Streigth in diversity,The taste of culture etc.
Initial position / background / local context of the proposed project / the starting situation or local context in which the projects is going to operate

LAG Napoca Porolissum has experience in the managament of local development. It has implemented 4 other TNC projects.
The idea to be part of this project came from exchange of best practices with the parteners.

Proposed objectives / target group and activities

Project objectives:
1.Exchanging good practices and techniques among project partners.
2.Promote the touristic potential of the network’s partners at an international level
3.Create a common platform for promoting local tourism and for disseminating project results.
Project activities:
1)Assessment of touristic resources
a)Self-assessment of touristic potential: a comprehensive analysis of all activities, objectives, enterprises and other elements contributing to touristic potential.
b)Peer review phase: each assessment is discussed among partners, so that each one can benefit from the know-how of the entire partnership.
2)Generating a Collaborative product aimed to increase capacity building of the organizations involved
3)Cross-partner generation of product: the common platform

Country and /or kind of partner you are looking for (ALL EU in case the interest is on any EU country) ALL EU
Languages spoken by the LAG staff English
Member State ROMANIA
Tel. 040740061839
LAG Address

Gilau, Principala Street, No. 55A, Cluj, Romania




This conference was held from 26-28 September at the Évora Hotel, located in the historic city of Évora.