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Collaboration mutually beneficial

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Title of the proposed project Collaboration mutually beneficial
Brief summary of the project idea

As a Local Action Group, we cover the territory of 4 local communities: Dolna village, Lozova commune, Micleuseni village and Vorniceni village in Straseni district, with a total population of about 15,000 inhabitants.

The territory is characterized by many common features, such as the picturesque relief with plateau and plains in the area of Moldavian Codes, economic activities with a strong influence of viticulture and fruit growing, inhabited mostly by Moldovans / Romanians with a rich cultural heritage (traditions, crafts, etc.).

Thus, we aim to promote the exchange of good practices and experiences in areas of mutual interest, for the balanced and sustainable development of locality.

Topics/ keywords of the project Collaboration agreement. Exchange of experience. Joint action plan.
Initial position / background / local context of the proposed project / the starting situation or local context in which the projects is going to operate

Organization of training for the Gal management team, development of cooperation relations between local public authorities, development of economic relations between different economic agents.

First of all, we intend to cooperate, benefiting from experience and support in the field of involvement of representatives of civil society and youth in the decision-making process and within the actions of microregion Plaiul Codrilor.

Elaboration of a joint action plan involving young people and civil society in small but long-lasting.

Proposed objectives / target group and activities

1. Signing a collaboration agreement between the parties. The target group is over 40 000 people

2. Improving administrative capacities. Organizing two study visits between the Gal Managing Board, both parties consolidating administrative capabilities.

3. Elaboration of a common plan of activities, WITH THE OBJECTIVES:

- Developing a competitive business environment;

- Revitalizing communities and improving the quality of life;

- Promoting local identity.

- Supporting social activism

- Valuing cultural heritage

- Events promoting local products and identity (festivals, fairs, etc.)

Country and /or kind of partner you are looking for (ALL EU in case the interest is on any EU country) Portugal, Member States of the European Union with experience.
Languages spoken by the LAG staff Romanian, Russian and English
Member State Republic of Moldova
Region The office is in Lozova commune, Straseni rayon
LAG Name Local Action Group "Plaiul Codrilor"
Contact name Botnaru Lilian - LAG President
Tel. 00373 069 840 008
LAG Address

As a Local Action Group we cover the territory of 4 local communities: Dolna village, Lozova commune, Micleuseni village and Vorniceni village from Straseni rayon.




This conference was held from 26-28 September at the Évora Hotel, located in the historic city of Évora.