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Aldeia da Terra

Project promoter & a little of background

Árvore de Pedra – Associação de Artes e Ofícios e Defesa do Património Cultural | Aldeia da Terra is a garden of clay sculptures sculpted by Tiago Cabeça. The project located in Arraiolos counts already 160 ‘buildings’ and 200 characters depicting aspects of a traditional Alentejo village, with its local traditions, arts and crafts, traditional stories and religiosity. Attracting hundreds of visitors, the village integrates also a pedagogical dimension, letting children build their own clay pieces.


In addition to the defense of the patrimonial values of the region, the project intends to boost tourism. More recently these products can be experienced in Évora. Tiago Cabeça applied to the LEADER Measure under the Rural Development Program for Mainland Portugal 2007-2013 in order to proceed with the creation of Aldeia da Terra, introducing namely space improvements.

The investment amounted to €119,576.20 and benefited from a €95,660.96 public support (EAFRD+National).


Évora City Center | Rua de São Manços



This conference was held from 26-28 September at the Évora Hotel, located in the historic city of Évora.